Does Tinnitus Surgery Work?

There are different treatments available for tinnitus, but not all patients reveal the same results. Some people felt that meditation and therapy helped them while others still head the loud noise. Tinnitus is characterized by the high-pitched ringing in the ears that are irritating. They could also be low-pitched in some cases.

The sound might go away after a while, but it could take a long time for others to not hear the noise anymore. In most tinnitus cases, the underlying problem is psychological. Patients do not have existing physical problem that caused tinnitus. Instead, they have mental health issues being dealt with that caused the loud noise that no one else can hear.

The other type of tinnitus is called pulsating tinnitus or objective tinnitus. In this case, there is a physical problem that caused the loud noise. Other people still do not hear the sounds that you hear, but it is not only your mental state that allows you to hear them. In this case, your doctor might recommend tinnitus surgery.

Does the surgery work?

Technically, there is no such thing as a surgery to treat tinnitus. Instead, the surgery is to correct the damaged auditory nerves and blood vessels around your ears.

They affect how you hear and make it difficult for your brain to process the right sounds captured. While the surgery did not directly treat tinnitus, some patients said that they have observed improvements.

Not everyone experienced the same results though. Despite surgery, some people with tinnitus still hear the sounds.

Treating acoustic neuromas

This is a rare exception when surgery is necessary. Tinnitus is only the side effect of this illness.

Acoustic neuroma is a form of slow-growing tumors that are non-cancerous. Some patients did not only feel better after the surgery, but they do not have tinnitus anymore.

Apart from the surgery to treat that problem, most surgeons also recommend cochlear implants to also deal with the symptoms of tinnitus.

Should you say yes to a surgery?

Your doctor will still be the one to recommend if surgery is the right way moving forward. You will then decide if you will push through with it.

If your doctor tells you that it could work and you have already tried other solutions to deal with the problem, surgery might be worth the try.

Trying other treatments

If your doctor tells you that your tinnitus is mostly because of psychological problems, you need different treatments. You can start by improving your physical health.

You need to exercise regularly and be more physically active. You also need to meditate to help you become more self-aware and deal with stress.

Take time to have a break from work so that you can take care of yourself. Let go of smoking, drinking and eat healthy foods.

It is not easy surviving tinnitus. It starts as a mere annoyance, but it turns into a distraction that affects you in many ways. Consult your doctor right away at the earliest signs so that it will not get worse.