Be Careful in Using OTC Tinnitus Treatment

The first thing you need to do if you suffer from tinnitus is see your doctor. Tell your physician what you feel and hear. You need accurate diagnosis for tinnitus to determine the best treatment. The problem could psychological or physical. If it is psychological, as in most cases, it is possible that you are stressed or anxious. The loud buzzing is one of the effects of your mental health problem.

If it is due to physical problems, you might have damaged blood vessels around your ears. It could also be due to aging. When you get old, your auditory system is not effective anymore. It could not capture the same the sounds well, and it messes up the way your brain processes the information. As such, you hear loud buzz instead of the regular sounds.

It could be too annoying at times especially if your regular sleep hours are already affected. You might reach a point where you are tempted to take otc tinnitus treatment. Before you decide to buy over-the-counter medicines, you need to understand the risks that come with it.

Taking supplements

You can buy supplements any time you want. The FDA usually labels them as “food”.

It means that they do not have approved therapeutic benefits. They may contain ingredients that could improve your health, but there is no guarantee that tinnitus will go away.

You need to research about these supplements first before using them. Ask your doctor for advice too since you might have other current medications that will not work well because of the supplements you took.

Other over the counter drugs

If you wrongly classified tinnitus as pain and you decided to buy a pain medication, you are in trouble. Anti-inflammatory medicines like pain relievers are known to worsen tinnitus.

Even aspirin and other antibiotics might also have similar effects. Do not take matters into your hands and decide to take otc drugs that you think are effective.

Using antidepressants

Since tinnitus could be psychological, your doctor might recommend you to take antidepressants. These pills are only available upon prescription, and they do not necessarily treat tinnitus.

These antidepressants will deal with your mental health problems. Once your brain starts working clearly again, it will be easy for tinnitus to go away.

Among the most common antidepressant drugs used to treat tinnitus are clomipramine, desipramine and imipramine. Again, you can only take them with the advice from your doctor.

Other forms of treatments

Apart from drugs, you might also get relief if you use hearing aids. It is possible that you have difficulty hearing and correcting that issue could also resolve tinnitus.

You might also want to use devices that produce “white noise”. The noise drowns out the loud buzzing in your ears and they are pleasant to listen to.

Before you undergo any treatment, you need to ask your doctor for help. You also need to be willing to change your lifestyle. If you are too stressed, you have to take a break and rest.